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Turquoise Rough

Turquoise Rough

Turquoise is an American Gemstone classic! Our variety of turquoise ranges in size, quality, color, and price. We carry both stabilized turquoise and rare natural turquoise like untreated #8 mine rough. Stabilized turquoise is easier to cut and less expensive than Natural turquoise, plus it is usually more stable. Natural Turquoise takes a little more experience to cut and can be more tricky, however, it is extremely collectible and highly valuable. Especially once turned into finished pieces of jewelry.

All of our turquoise will have the treatments stated in the description. If there are no treatments listed then it should be considered natural. Almost all Turquoise will polish with Zam or Red Rouge.

Contact us if you have questions about our turquoise rough or any other supplies that we carry. Reach one of our team members by calling 480-647-9392 or emailing!

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